Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2022: Everything You Need To Know

Are you going to start affiliate marketing?

If yes, then I will guide you about a type of affiliate marketing that you must have heard about – Amazon affiliate marketing.

Amazon affiliate program is one of the oldest and most popular programs globally.

In this guide, I will share the complete details of the Amazon affiliate program and tell you how you can start Amazon affiliate marketing very quickly.

So before that, let’s understand what the Amazon affiliate program is?

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Launched in 1996, the Amazon Affiliate Program is a program whereby anyone with an online presence can promote Amazon products, and Amazon pays them a commission for each eligible sale.

To promote products, you must have a website, application, or social media handle through which you can promote Amazon affiliate links.

How to Become Amazon Affiliate?

Now, it’s time to become an Amazon affiliate.

So for this, you have to follow some steps:

  • Navigate to the Amazon affiliate
  • Click on sign up (Use the email that created your Amazon account)
  • After signing up, a form will appear in front of you in which you will have to fill in your personal information.
  • Click on the “Next” button
  • Here you will enter the URL of your website or mobile application
  • Click on the “Next” button

On the next page, you will see mainly three sections which you have to fill with correct information.

You’ll need to fill in information about your associate store ID, website or mobile app details, and a few more points in the first section.

Whereas the second section is about the traffic of your website/app, income, and the reason for joining the Amazon affiliate program.

In the third and last section, you will be given a captcha, which you have to fill and proceed, and in this way, you will be able to submit your Amazon affiliate program form; the Amazon team will review your form and reply you usually in 24 hours.

When you get approval from Amazon, you have to select the product and generate a unique affiliate link for it.

There are two ways to create an Amazon affiliate link; the first and easiest way is:

SiteStripe: After getting the approval, you will see a bar at the top on Amazon, which is SiteStripe. Open any product you want to generate an affiliate link and click on the text at the top of the screen.

And the second one is:

Product links: For this, open the “product links” section of the “Product linking” tab of the home tabs of the dashboard and search the product in the search bar and generate its affiliate link.

Amazon Associate Dashboard Overview

At the top of the Amazon associate dashboard you will see 6 tabs:

  • Home
  • Product linking
  • Promotions
  • Tools
  • Reports
  • Help

amazon affiliate program dashboard home tabs

Now, let’s started with the first one, which is…


Clicking on this tab takes you to the dashboard’s home page, where you are given an overview of your earnings.

Here you can get an overview of your total commission, total bounties, and clicks.

Product linking

amazon affiliate program dashboard product linking tab

Clicking on this tab will open many more tabs in the front of you:

  • Product links
  • Banners
  • Native shopping ads
  • Mobile popover
  • Link to any page

By clicking on this tab, a search bar will appear in front of you where you can generate your unique affiliate link.

In this search bar, you will have to enter your product name or ASI/ISBN, after which you will be able to generate your link.


Banners are a type of ads that you can use to show Amazon’s ads on your website.

Clicking on it will bring you many different options. What kind of banner ad do you want to show on your website? From here, it can be selected.

Suppose you want to put an ad for Amazon devices; if you click on it, then the format of Amazon ads will appear in front of you like 320×50, 160×600.

From there, choose the format according to the size of the ad you want to place on your site and copy the given code and use it on your site.

So whenever a user clicks on these banner ads and buys something, you will get the commission in return.

It is also an excellent way to earn from the Amazon affiliate program.

Native shopping ads

These ads automatically recommend products according to your content in the article, due to which the user sees related products; thereby, the chances of clicking on these ads increase significantly.

These are of three types:

  • Recommendation ads – These ads are shown according to your content. If your content is related to photography, users will be recommended products related to cameras and photography.
  • Search ads – In this type of ad, a search bar is given so that the user can search the product by himself without leaving your site.
  • Custom ads – If you want to recommend a product by yourself, then you can use these custom ads.

Mobile Popover

I like this feature of Amazon.

With the help of this feature, you can increase the user experience and increase your earnings.

After using this feature, whenever your promoted product is visible to a mobile user, a popover will be shown along with the product, which will increase the chances of clicking on the product manifold.

This feature is good for the user experience and great from the point of view of further improving the conversion rate.

You can visit this page to see a preview of this feature.

In this tab, you will find mainly three types of sections:

  • Link to favorite destinations
  • Link to search results
  • Link to any page

This feature is awesome.

If you want to show your users best selling products, hot new releases, most popular, top-rated, featured deals etc., related to a particular category or subcategory on the same page, then this feature is for you.

To use it, you have to follow three steps:

  • Select a product line – Here, you have to choose the category you want to promote the products.
  • Select a subcategory – Here, you have to choose a subcategory of the above-selected category
  • Name your link – And finally, here, the anchor text of the link has to be entered (whatever text you enter here will appear on your site)

After that, click on highlight HTML and copy the code and paste this code in the place where you want to add this link to your site.

With the help of this feature, you can show products to users based on a particular keyword.

For that, follow the instructions:

  • Select a product line – In this section, you have to choose a category whose products you want to recommend
  • Enter keyword – Here, you have to enter the keyword-based on which you want to show the products (e.g. best affiliate marketing books)
  • Name your link – Here, you have to enter the name that you want to show to the users (i.e. anchor text)

After that, you can copy the code by clicking on highlight HTML and seeing a code preview.

In this feature, you can make any page of Amazon your Affiliate Link, for which in the first section you have to enter the URL of the page whose Affiliate Link has to be created, while in the second section, the name that you want to show to the user. (ie. anchor text)

And in this way, you can link any of your favorite categories, search results or page on your site.


amazon affiliate program dashboard promotions tab

In the Promotions tab you will find three sections:

  • Idea hub
  • Amazon bounty program
  • Amazon promo codes

Idea hub

This section is perfect for promoting products related to deals and events in real-time.

Also, if you do not understand which product to promote? So idea hub is a great feature to find products.

Here you will find thousands of product ideas that you can use to promote your site.

Amazon bounty program

In this section, you will find things related to Amazon’s bounty program.

Amazon has some subscription-based services like audible plus, kindle membership plan, amazon prime video etc.

When you promote these services, in return, you get a fixed commission for every conversion, and this commission is called a bounty.

You will see all the programs in this section by clicking on “see all bounties”.

Amazon promo codes

The promo code for an affiliate marketer is no less than a trophy because it can attract more and more users to click on his affiliate link.

All those promo codes are available in this section of the Amazon affiliate dashboard, by using which you can provide some percentage discount to the users.

As soon as you come to this section, you will find the “trending promo codes” section. This section contains those promo codes which are currently trending, and people are using them the most.

The second section is “all promo codes”, where you will find all promo codes from Amazon.

Here you can see currently running promo codes and upcoming promo codes.

Along with this, you can also filter these promo codes by category.


amazon affiliate program dashboard tools tab

In this section, you are provided with tools to make Amazon Affiliate Marketing better and more flexible.

Here you will find mainly four tools:

  • SiteStripe
  • Link checker
  • Product Advertising API
  • OneLink


This section will walk you through the Sitestrip feature.

This tool is really helpful.

With the help of this tool, you can check any amazon affiliate link, and often we generate the link in a hurry; that link is either incorrect or does not have our associate ID tag.

And if any link does not have our associate ID, we will be able to generate a sale, but we will not get any commission in return.

So whenever you generate an Amazon affiliate link, make sure to check it with the help of this tool.

Product advertising API (PA API)

Using Amazon’s PA API, you can automate many difficult tasks.

Plugins like AAWP use this API to make every task very easy for you, like importing products, automatically generating affiliate links etc.

But PA API is not available on any new approval. To access it, Amazon has set some criteria:

  • Have completed three qualifying sales in 180 days
  • Have an approved associate account
  • Comply with the associate’s program operating agreement

And as soon as you fulfil all these criteria, you can request to access the PA API.

Let’s say you have promoted an Amazon product on your website, and your Amazon account is in the US. When a user from Canada visits your website and clicks on your affiliate link, he will go to the US store instead of going to the UK store.

It will neither make your user happy nor will you get his commission.

Keeping this problem in mind, Amazon has launched this feature. With the help of this feature, you can create your account on every Amazon store and link each other.

After which, if a Canadian user comes to your website and clicks on the link, he will be redirected to his own Amazon store, due to which your user will get his product easily, and you will also get your commission.


amazon affiliate program dashboard reports tab

This tab tells you about your affiliate performance with the help of two sections:

  • Consolidated summary
  • Earnings report

Consolidated summary

This section provides you with complete details of your Amazon affiliate account.

Here you can find all your Amazon accounts, whether US, India or Canada, in a summarized way.

You can filter this summary based on your local currency and date range.

Earnings report

Here you will get to see the complete earnings report of your particular Amazon affiliate account, which you can filter based on date range and tracking ID.

Here you will find many different options:

  • Clicks – Here, the total number of clicks on your affiliate links will be shown
  • Ordered item – The total number of items ordered will be seen here by clicking on your link.
  • Shipped items – Here will be the number of items that have been shipped; this number can be equal to or less than the number of ordered items.
  • Conversion – Here, it will show your conversion rate (e.g., 2%), which means that only 2 percent of the people who clicked on your links bought the product.
  • Shipped items revenue – Here, you will see the total revenue of the products purchased by clicking on your links.
  • Total earnings – Here, you will get to see your total affiliate commission


With the help of this tab, you can find the solution to any problem you have.

Here you will find mainly seven sections:

  • Program help
  • Resource center
  • Operating agreement
  • Commission income statement
  • Program policies
  • Discussion boards
  • Contact us

I hope you have understood the overview of the Home tab of the Amazon affiliate program dashboard.

Let’s jump on to the next part.

Account settings

These are the sections where you can check and edit everything related to your Amazon affiliate program.

amazon affiliate program dashboard account settings

There are many different sections here; we’ll go ahead section-by-section.

First section…

Change your password

If ever you want to change the password of your Amazon affiliate account, then you can do it through this option.

Edit your website and mobile app list

While applying for
Amazon affiliate account, we have to enter the URL of the website or application.

If you want to do Amazon affiliate marketing through any other platform after applying for the account, you will have to come here and add the URL of that platform.

Suppose you had entered the URL of your website at the time of account creation, but now you want to promote Amazon products through the YouTube channel, then you have to come to this section and enter the URL of your YouTube channel.

Edit your website information

If you ever want to make changes in the information related to your website in the future, then with the help of this option, you will be able to do it easily.

In this section, you can link all your store IDs to each other, after which you will be able to see the commission of all these store IDs in one place in the consolidated summary.

Here you can select your tracking ID under which you want to use the Onelink feature.

Manage your tracking IDs

If you want to create new tracking IDs, then use this option. Here you have to click on add tracking IDs and create new ones.

If you create these new tracking IDs to use the onelink feature, you will have to wait for 24 hours.

Manage account users and select your primary e-mail address

If you want to add another user to your Amazon affiliate account, you will have to add his email id by coming to this option.

Change your email preferences

Don’t want to receive any feedback, tips or newsletter features from Amazon on your email id?

If not, then using this option, you can choose your email preferences.

Associates sitestripe options

If you want to remove the SiteStripe feature from your Amazon home page, then you can remove it through this option.

Close your account

You can use this option to close your affiliate account.

Payment and Text Information

After earning money from the Amazon affiliate program, you will have to fill in your payment details to get it.

For that, this option has to be used.

Change your contact information

You can change your name, address, mobile number etc.

Change payment method

This option is used to change the payment method.

If you have not yet added your payment method, then through this option, you can also add your payment method.

View your payment history

You can see your complete payment history here.

View your rate card

If you want to know what percentage of commission Amazon pays on which product or category, you can visit this option.

View/provide tax information

Fill in your tax-related information by coming to this option.

Whenever you create your Amazon affiliate account, fill in your tax information because if you do not do this, Amazon will not send you a commission.

How to Promote Amazon Products?

There are many ways to promote Amazon products since Amazon has very strict guidelines in its affiliate program, so you should use the methods of promoting products carefully.

Here are some popular ways to promote Amazon products:

  • Blogs
  • Social media


Blogging is the most powerful way of Amazon affiliate marketing.

With this, you can feel free to promote any Amazon product.

To start a blog, you need is:

  • A domain name
  • A web hosting
  • A WordPress theme
  • Few plugins
  • And that’s it

By setting up your blog, you can easily promote Amazon products.

Although in this method, you have to pay to buy domain and hosting, if you want to make amazon affiliate marketing a business and make passive income from it in the long run, you must make this investment.

But if you cannot spend any money initially and want to do Amazon affiliate marketing with no money, you can adopt the next method.

Social media

You can promote Amazon products on social media without your website. For Amazon, you can take the help of YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

On YouTube, you can promote by making videos related to the product and on Instagram and Facebook, you can create helpful posts and stories about the product.

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