Facebook Affiliate Marketing in 2022: Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

What are your goals for Facebook affiliate marketing in 2022?

According to a survey, more than 2 billion people use Facebook every month.

It is a well-known fact that Facebook is a huge part of every business organization’s marketing strategy.

The popularity of affiliate marketing on Facebook has led to many people turning to this channel as a source of income, which is a big reason why the competition is increasing every day.

In this blog, I will tell you how you can start affiliate marketing on Facebook?

The following steps are outlined in this step-by-step guide:

Let’s get start.

But before that, do you know what affiliate marketing is? Check this guide to get the proper definition of affiliate marketing.

Why Use Facebook for Affiliate Marketing?

Why should we use Facebook for affiliate marketing?, is the first question people ask themselves.

There are several reasons for this:

  • 2.910 billion monthly active users in October 2021
  • Facebook is one of the most ‘active’ social media platform
  • 36.9% of all the people on Earth use Facebook today
  • 194 million Americans use Facebook
  • Here you do not need any blog or website
  • All the world’s biggest businesses are on Facebook

If someone asked me one reason for doing affiliate marketing on Facebook, my answer would be, “Facebook has a large audience of over 2 billion”, that’s why.

The most important thing in affiliate marketing is to BUILD an audience.

Still, if you use giant social media like Facebook to promote the products, the biggest advantage will be getting a readymade audience.

It means that you already have more than 2 billion people whom you can target and sell your product.

You have to show them your product and tell them why they should buy this product.

If we talk about other ways of doing affiliate marketing like blogging, we have to write blogs and articles first, promote them and bring traffic.

After which, our affiliate sales start somewhere.

But in the case of Facebook, it is just the opposite.

You already have a huge audience; all you have to do is show them the products they need, which attracts them.

So I want to let us talk about how you can do affiliate marketing on Facebook.

How to do Affiliate Marketing on Facebook?

The following step-by-step guide explains in detail how to get started with affiliate marketing on Facebook.

Step #1: Create a Facebook page and the group

I read many blogs on Facebook affiliate marketing, but everyone’s method is outdated.

You will find most of the suggestions here to create a Facebook page and promote your products.

But my friend, if you are serious about Facebook affiliate marketing, you have to create a Facebook group and a page.

It has many advantages:

  • Facebook pages give you authority, while groups help you connect with your audience
  • With the help of a group, you can grow your Page faster
  • It is easier to grow a Facebook group than a page
  • It will also be easier to promote the products when you have two mediums
  • By having a group, you will be able to contact the audience directly and will be able to explain your product well

To create a Facebook page, you first need to login into your Facebook account and follow some steps.

  • Go to three lines
  • Click “Your Pages or Create a Page”
  • Click “Create”
  • Click on “Get Started”
  • Enter page name
  • Choose the category that best describes your Page
  • In the next step, enter its URL or “Skip” if you don’t have a website
  • Next, add a profile picture and cover photo

And in this way, you will easily create a Facebook page. After this, you have to set up your Facebook page.

Setting Up a Facebook Page

To give a professional look to your page, you need to make some changes in its settings.

For this:

  • Click on “Edit Page”
  • Click on “Current Template” to choose the template that is perfect for you
  • Go to the page header section and choose the username of the Page

While choosing a username, keep in mind that if you are creating a page related to a niche, then definitely enter the keyword related to the niche in the username e.g., healthguru.

And in the same way, you have to go through the rest of the section, fill in all the necessary details, and give a professional look to your Facebook page.

After this, you have to create a group for this Page to interact with your audience.

To create a Facebook Group:

  • Go to “Groups”
  • Click the “+” icon and click “Create a Group.”
  • Next, type your group name and choose privacy

After that, you have to connect this group with your Page; you have to go to the group’s settings and click on “Linked Page” to link your Page with the group.

And in this way, you will complete the setup of both your Facebook page and the group.

Step #2: Build your Audience

After creating a Facebook page and group, you have to build an audience.

There are two ways to build an audience on Facebook:

  • Free Methods
  • Paid Methods

Let’s talk about the free one first.

Free Methods

Building an audience with the free or organic method is difficult but not impossible.

Here are some strategies you can use to grow your Facebook page organically:

#1: Consistency

You must have heard this word before.

Every successful person has become successful only when he has worked consistently.

If you want to grow your Facebook page, you have to post on your page every single day.

There was a time when the more you posted, the more engagement you had, but now the times have changed.

You have to post only 1 to 2 in a day.

According to Hootsuite, pages that publish one post a day have higher engagement than pages that publish more than one or two post a day.

So keep in mind that you have to post one or two every day.

#2: Post type

Different post types have importance on every platform, but visuals always attract people.

That’s why you have to do more image posts than text posts.

When does it happen when you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed, and you stop at a long text post and read it completely?

Instead, it must have happened that while using Facebook, you stopped seeing an attractive image.

So, focus on publishing more image posts.

#3: Quality

Now when you publish more image posts, keep in mind that the quality of the image should be great.

If you have put an image that is difficult even to see properly, the audience will not like it.

Also, you don’t want to publish an image too large in size – because not every user has good internet.

So keeping in mind the quality of the image, keep its size low.

You can use Canva to find thousands of readymade templates to create good-quality posts for Facebook.

#4: Share Posts on Your Profile

When you publish posts on your page, share them on your personal profile as well so that your relatives, friends and family members can see them.

By doing this, your page’s visibility will increase and receive more engagement.

#5: Build your Presence

You have to spend maximum time on your page and group.

Keep in mind that you have to reply to every comment on it while posting.

Not only will this maintain your presence, but it will also increase your credibility.

#6: Join Similar Groups

You have to join the groups related to the niche in which you are working and be constantly active.

Join the same group which has more members and good engagement.

You can ascertain the engagement of any group from the likes and comments received on its posts.

If a group has 100k members, but even 1000 likes are not getting on the posts, avoid joining such groups.

By joining the groups, you have to do informational posts for a few days and gradually promote your page.

Keep in mind that not every group allows posting links, so before joining the group, read its guidelines.

#7: Invite People who have Liked your Posts

When you start promoting your page, your posts will start getting likes.

There will be many of these people who have not liked your page yet, so all you have to do is invite them.

It is a great strategy to gain some real followers.

#8: Post Time

You have to decide the time of posting on your page and group, and it is most important, but everyone ignores it.

You have to go to the insight section of your Page and see what time your audience is most active.

All you have to do is publish your post at that time.

#9: Post the Content Your Audience Like

You have to identify those posts on your page on which the most engagement has been received.

After that, create more posts on around the same topic.

It will give you more engagement to get.

So these were some of the strategies using which you can build a free audience for your page and group.

Paid Methods

Now let’s talk about how you can boost your page by spending some money.

#1: Facebook Ads

With Facebook ads, you can get thousands of followers in no time.

When running a Facebook ad, keep in mind that you have to create Facebook ads for a highly targeted audience.

It will cost you less money and gain followers interested in your niche.

#2: Promotion

To grow a Facebook page, you can promote your page by contacting other pages in your niche that have a large audience.

The advantage of this method is that you will get an audience interested in your niche.

So you can also try this method.

This method can be a bit expensive compared to Facebook ads but believe me; this method will give you a highly targeted audience.

Step #3: Join Affiliate Program

Now that you have started getting a lot of engagement on your page, it is time to do affiliate marketing, but before that, you have to join the affiliate programs.

You can use Google to find affiliate programs related to your niche.

If you search “[ your niche] + affiliate program” on Google, you will get a list of affiliate programs related to your niche.

If you are still having trouble finding affiliate programs, then here I am listing some of the best affiliate programs, by joining which you can promote products on your Facebook page.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon associate is the world’s oldest and most popular affiliate program that you can join without hassles.

I have told you the whole way to join this program in one of my articles from where you can join this program and create your affiliate links.

Click here to know how to join the Amazon affiliate program?


The second most popular affiliate network is ClickBank.

It is the easiest to join; you have to go to Clickbank.com and fill in your details by clicking the signup button.

The advantage of joining this program is that you do not have to wait for approval here.

As soon as you complete the signup process, you can promote the products.

You can promote ClickBank’s affiliate links directly through posts on Facebook.

I have already written a detailed ClickBank review in this article.

Step #4 – Promote Affiliate Products

After joining the affiliate program, it is your turn to promote the products.

There are mainly two ways to promote affiliate products.

  • 1: Direct Promotion
  • 2: Indirect Promotion

Let’s talk about the direct promotion first.

Direct Promotion

If you add affiliate links in the Facebook post directly, it is called direct promotion.

You do not need any external source for this type of promotion.

You can add your affiliate links to the description by creating posts related to affiliate products.

Indirect Promotion

In this type of promotion, you need an external source, a source where you have given complete details of the product and then share the link of that source on the Facebook page.

These sources are of different types:

  • Blogs
  • Landing pages
  • YouTube
  • Other social media platforms

Basically, in this type of promotion method, you do not share the product’s affiliate link directly on Facebook.

It is considered the best way to do affiliate marketing from Facebook because some affiliate networks oppose direct linking.

In such a situation, following the guidelines of every program, you can do facebook affiliate marketing using this method.

Facebook Affiliate Marketing Pros & Cons

There are some advantages to doing facebook affiliate marketing, and there are also some disadvantages.

In this section, I will tell you about them.


Some of the advantages of doing affiliate marketing on Facebook are as follows:

Huge Active Audience

Facebook is a social media giant with more than 2 billion people using it every month.

The biggest advantage of affiliate marketing on this platform is that you get an audience here to attract.


Affiliate marketing with Facebook is free in some extent, and here you do not have to pay any money.

Less Hardwork

On Facebook, you can also do affiliate marketing with less effort than other mediums.

Here you don’t need to post 10 to 12 a day.

You do not have to write long articles here; create good quality images which can create very easily with the help of tools like Canva.

No Expensive Tools or Services Required

In Facebook affiliate marketing, you do not need to buy any expensive service or tools.

While blogging, you have to spend money on domain and hosting; Facebook provides you with affiliate marketing for free.


But apart from all these advantages, some things prevent people from doing affiliate marketing on this platform, such as:

Dependency on Third Party

The biggest disadvantage of Facebook affiliate marketing is that you have to depend on another third party.

Whereas in blogging, you can control everything, but in the case of Facebook, it is not like that at all.

Facebook keeps changing its policy frequently; it can stop affiliate links to this platform at any time.

And in that case, you will lose the business you have built so hard.

You Can’t Be a Millionaire

You cannot become a millionaire by doing affiliate marketing on Facebook.

There are limits to everything here, due to which you can earn from this platform to some extent through affiliate marketing.

Facebook Organic Reach is Dead

It is free to use Facebook, but it isn’t easy in today’s time to grow your page to the next level for free.

The organic reach of the Facebook page is completely over, due to which you have to use Facebook ads to increase engagement.

Do’s and Don’ts for Facebook Affiliate Marketing

You need to keep in mind a few things when starting affiliate marketing on Facebook.


Things you must do:

Affiliate Disclosure

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), you must provide affiliate disclosure when promoting each of your affiliate links.

You add affiliate disclosure to every post in which affiliate links have been added.

These affiliate disclosures could be something like:

“This post includes links to the affiliate website. If you click on the product links and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission.”

And in this way, you can avoid penalties.

80/20 Rule

Follow the 80/20 rule when posting on Facebook.

You have to do 80% of informational posts with no affiliate links in this rule.

Whereas in 20% of the posts, you can add affiliate links.

Under this rule, you can also maintain your Page’s engagement, and you can also improve the audience experience.


Things you Don’t have to do when affiliate marketing on Facebook.

Do Not Cloak Affiliate Links

Often affiliate marketers shorten their affiliate links through many tools.

But if you are promoting products under the Amazon affiliate program, then do not shorten their affiliate links.

These are against Amazon’s guidelines.

Not Promote Direct Affiliate Links Through FB Ads

Whenever you promote a post or page through Facebook ads, keep in mind that you do not have to use direct affiliate links in it.

Apart from this, you should also not promote the post in which affiliate links have been added.

It is against the guidelines of most affiliate programs, and Facebook does not recommend this method at all.

Do Not Use Automation

Many people use automation tools instead of posting themselves, indirectly killing your engagement.

Therefore, never use such automation tools that bring down the quality of your Page.

Some Examples of Facebook Affiliate Marketing

Now is the time to look at the examples that have been doing affiliate marketing on this platform for a long time so that you can learn from them and get motivation.

Adam Enfroy

adam enfroy facebook page post

Famous blogger and affiliate marketer Adam Enfroy uses Facebook to send traffic to his YouTube channel, promoting his affiliate products.

By using this Indirect promotion method, he increase the engagement of his channel.

Even though there are fewer followers on his Page, a lot of engagement can be seen on his private Facebook group.

Pat Flynn

pat flynn facebook page post

World-famous affiliate marketer Pat Flynn uses his Facebook page to promote the Smart Passive Income blog, an affiliate website.

From this Page with about 200k followers, he gets a lot of traffic to his website through every post.

If these people are using Facebook to grow affiliate marketing business, why not you?

My View on Facebook Affiliate Marketing

There is no doubt that affiliate marketing is the best option to earn money online.

Using Facebook, you can take this business to new heights.

But if you ask me I should do affiliate marketing only on Facebook, I might not agree with it.

See, Facebook is the biggest social media platform used by millions of people every day.

Like I mentioned in the pros & cons section above, the biggest disadvantage of doing affiliate marketing only on Facebook is that you depend on some other third party for your business.

And no such business can last for long.

I am one of those people who like to do sustainable businesses now if you work hard day and night and make some money from Facebook affiliate marketing.

But one day, you wake up in the morning and find out that Facebook has refused to promote affiliate products on its platform.

What will you do?

Therefore, you should not depend on this platform only to do affiliate marketing.

The best practice would be to start with this platform and gradually expand your business to other platforms.

In a nutshell, Facebook affiliate marketing is good but do not rely on Facebook only.

Final Thoughts on Facebook Affiliate Marketing

Using Facebook for affiliate marketing can prove to be a good decision.

Nowadays, most businesses are increasing their business by using Facebook.

Keep in mind that you follow all the guidelines while promoting the products.

To recap, in this ultimate guide, I have taught you how to do facebook affiliate marketing in four steps.

These four steps are as follows:

Step #1 – Create a Facebook page and the group
Step #2 – Build your audience
Step #3 – Join affiliate programs
Step #4 – Promote affiliate products

And in this way, you can increase your affiliate marketing business by using the biggest social media platform.

Now tell me in the comments how did you like this step-by-step guide?

Did I miss something that I should have covered in this guide?

I’m waiting for your response.

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