Instagram Affiliate Marketing in 2022: Everything You Need To Know

It has been predicted that Instagram affiliate marketing will become a very lucrative market in the upcoming years.

Research shows that 1.22 billion people use Instagram every month.

That’s a huge number, isn’t it?

In 2022, affiliate marketing on Instagram is still a relatively new concept for many people; they are still using it only for fun.

You had also read about celebrities who charge thousands of dollars for just a single post on Instagram.

Do you ever think about making money like this?

Well, in today’s blog post, I will walk you through a step-by-step guide on how you can start your Instagram affiliate marketing business with no money.

Although I wouldn’t say that you will make thousands of dollars right away, but yes, you can make significant money from Instagram by using affiliate marketing.

Before we dive into this practical guide, let’s understand what Instagram affiliate marketing is?

What is Instagram Affiliate Marketing?

Instagram affiliate marketing is a process under which an affiliate marketer promotes a product or service on Instagram through his unique affiliate link and earns a significant commission in return.

Now, this definition can be diffrent for some people.

Let me simplify it.

If you’re an affiliate marketer and your job is to promote products and make a commission, this definition is perfect for you.

But if you’re a product owner, this might be different for you.

In that case, the proper definition of Instagram affiliate marketing for you is that you gave your product to a person who has a significant following on Instagram so that they introduce your product in front of their audience.

When their followers click on the product’s link and buy your product, you will have to pay a commission to that person.

It is slightly similar to influencer marketing.

Now, this affiliate marketer can be anyone, whether he is a single head like you and me or a whole entity with thousands of people.

But my point is if anyone makes money on Instagram by promoting other’s product, it’s called Instagram affiliate marketing.

But the question is, how can you start affiliate marketing on Instagram?

Want to know? Let’s dig into it.

How to Become Instagram Affiliate Marketer?

To become an Instagram affiliate marketer, you need an Instagram account first.

You guys are smart asses, and you know how to create an Instagram account.

So I will take you to the next step, which is to set up your Instagram profile for affiliate marketing.

How to set up an Instagram account for Affiliate Marketing?

To set up your profile, you need a username.


You have to choose a username for your account that represents your niche.

Remember that we are setting up an account for affiliate marketing here, so everything in your account should be related to your niche.

However, if you want to do your personal branding on Instagram and promote the product, you can choose a username of your name e.g., amitchopra.

As far as I know, you will hardly get your username in 2022, so try to make your username unique with a bit of twist.

It will benefit you if you use your niche in your username e.g., digitalamit.

But if you don’t trust your personal branding, then you can go entirely into your niche and choose a username associated with it e.g., fitnessguy or digitalnomad.

Keep in mind that not to use digits or special characters in the username; they make it difficult for the audience to remember your username.

Note:- You have to focus on the username as you can choose it only once.

Profile name

While choosing the name of your profile, keep in mind that you have to include your niche and keywords here.

It will increase your visibility in the Instagram search bar, which will keep the possibility of getting more engagement.

And whenever a user searches for something related to your niche, your account will be more likely to come up in the search result.


Bio is something that gives you a chance to attract more users.

You must have seen the bio of many people where they do the next level of creativity;

  • My life my rules
  • Bad boys
  • Respect for girls
  • Log in in world 16 April

So you have to stay away from this kind of creativity.

Keep in mind that you have come to Instagram not just to promote products but to solve people’s problems.

If a user comes to your profile, your bio will go first in their eyes, due to which it is crucial to optimize it better.

If you can’t find an idea of what to write here? Then you can tell about your niche and products or what problem will you use this platform to solve?

You can also write about this.

Now your personal account is ready, but you do not have to watch the reels here but do affiliate marketing, so for this, you have to switch this personal account to the creator account.

So that you get extra features in the creator account, which will prove to be helpful in your affiliate marketing.

How to switch personal account to creator account

Navigate to the three lines, right above the corner > account > switch account type; here, you will get to see two options:

  • Switch to business account
  • Switch to creator account

Here you have to select the creator account, and your personal account will be switched to the creator account.

Now that you have created the creator account, it is your turn to build the audience; you have to create unique and top-level content.

How to create content on Instagram for affiliate marketing?

Now, what do people do wrong here?

They directly start promoting the products without gaining followers, which is a bad practice.

Who will buy your products if you don’t have followers on your page yet?

And keep in mind that unless a profile has a good number of followers, people don’t believe that page.

So first of all, you have to grow your page, for which you must create better quality posts.

To create better and more appealing posts, you can use a tool like Canva, where you have been given thousands of templates.

You have to make informative posts first and make people believe that you are an expert in that niche, and only then will people trust you.

You have to build a relationship with your audience so that whenever you promote a product, your audience does not hesitate to buy it.

You can also take the help of Canva to create content for the products.

Basically, you have to create three types of content on Instagram;

  • Images
  • Short videos
  • Long video tutorials


Use the thousands of templates available in Canva to create good-quality images.

In these photos, you have to give a hook to the audience so that they are curious to know about the products, such as:

If your product is related to health, you can write in the image that “lose 30 pounds safely in a month.”

Now here you are giving a hook to the audience in two ways.

First, you will tell them how to lose weight safely, which is very important for health freaks.

And second, you are talking about losing 30 pounds in a month which is psychologically appealing and will get people’s attention.

So whatever image you make, take special care of its quality and give some hook to it.

Short videos

You can also create short videos for reels by yourself, but if you feel uncomfortable exposing yourself in front of the camera, then with the help of Canva, you can create these short videos.

Long tutorials

To explain your product in detail, you have to make a long tutorial in which you will explain all the product information in detail.

You don’t need a high-end video camera to make these videos; you can shoot tutorials using your smartphone and edit with a good video editor.

And when your content is ready, use it to promote the product.

How to promote affiliate products on Instagram?

Now that you have created the content, it is time to promote the products.

There are many ways to promote products on Instagram, and you have to use all the methods to reach as many audiences as possible.

Some of these methods are as follows;

  • Feed
  • Reels
  • Story
  • Story highlight


You can post photos created with Canva to your Instagram feed.

Your caption matters a lot here.

Often people like to read captions with posts, so you have to optimize the caption so that it comes in the eyes of the people.

Also, make sure to use hashtags related to the products. Hashtags go a long way in giving engagement to your posts.

A 60-minute long video can also be posted on the Instagram feed, so create a detailed tutorial of the product and post it on the Instagram feed so that audience can get all the information related to the product.


You have to post short videos on the reels, and these videos can be a brief overview of the product.

Now that the reels are pretty viral, this can help your shorts videos reach more audiences.


Here, you can share your reels and feed posts and use stories to increase your engagement.

You can also ask your audience some questions related to the products or use polls so that users will engage with your story and you will get more engagement.

I remember putting a story on one of my profiles that had a poll on Hollywood films.

And you will not believe that a big Hollywood personality commented on that poll even though that account had only 1500 followers.

So in this way you can attract people’s attention towards the products with the help of your stories.

Story highlight

It is the most overlooked method, but if you use story highlights well, you can make it a source of passive income.

All you have to do is put the images or videos related to the products on the story and save them in the story highlights.

These highlights can also be divided into categories so that the audience can get these story highlights organized, which makes your user experience much better.

How to put affiliate links on Instagram?

Instagram only allows links to be added in certain places.

  1. Bio
  2. Story
  3. Inbox

So you have to use these places very carefully and wisely.

1. Bio

You must be aware that Instagram allows us to add only one link in the bio, due to which we may have trouble promoting more than one product.

But you can add more than one link to your bio using a free tool like Linktree; even on Selena Gomez’s profile, you will find a link of Linktree.

All you have to do is go to Linktree’s website and create an account.

After creating the account, organize the links to all of your products on Linktree’s page and add that link to your bio that Linktree provides.

The free version of this tool allows you to add unlimited links.

But yes, if you need advanced features, you can consider its premium version also, but initially, the free version will be enough for you.

And in this way, you can add more than one link to your Instagram bio.

2. Story

Stories are another way to add affiliate links.

Instagram provides us with the swipe-up feature in Stories, through which you can direct the audience to the product’s landing page.

But the swipe-up feature is enabled only when there are 10k followers on the account, so first, you have to focus on increasing the followers.

But if you haven’t got 10k followers yet and engagement is better, then you can add a link to your story with the help of a trick, that too, without completing 10k followers.

How to add links in an Instagram story without 10k followers

For this, you have first to select the photo of anyone product for which you want to add the link.

After this, click on the sticker icon above and search for “links” in the search bar.

With this, you will see a sticker of links by clicking on which you can add your affiliate link.

And in this way, you can add links to your story even without 10k followers.

3. Inbox

You might have been surprised to read this option but believe me; this option is the best.

You can directly send your affiliate links to the audience through your inbox.

But you should not send links like this to every follower because this will destroy the audience’s trust in you.

So all you have to do is when you promote a product through post or reel, ask your audience some questions, or present the product in such a way that they are compelled to comment on your post.

And when a user comments on your post, tell him such things about the product that he gets very excited about and then DM his affiliate links in his inbox.

It will also keep the audience’s trust in you, and in return, your sales will also continue to be generated.

So using these methods, you can put your affiliate links on Instagram.

Final Thoughts on Instagram Affiliate Marketing

Instagram affiliate marketing is an excellent option for people who want to make money from Instagram.

All you have to do is join some good affiliate programs and promote their products on Instagram.

You can follow the following steps to do Instagram affiliate marketing:

Step #1: Join an affiliate program

Step #2: Setup an Instagram account for affiliate marketing

Step #3: Promote the products by creating images, short videos, and long tutorials

Step #4: Add affiliate links to products in bio and stories

And in this way, you can start Instagram affiliate marketing without spending any money.

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